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Digital Forensics and Incident Response

Digital Forensics and Incident Response grants you full access to Ozian360 expert incident response teams. This proactive approach can significantly reduce the response time, thereby reducing the impact of a breach.

Digital Forensics & Incident Response
Rapid Response
Multifaceted reactive emergency response and proactive incident readiness services available.
Emergency Retainers
As-needed consulting services via a DFIR emergency response retainer.
Expert Investigators
Deep forensic analysis to reconstruct attacker activities
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So, you’ve been breached?

Discovering a breach of your organization’s computing systems can be a trying time. Let Ozian360 digital forensics team help you respond to, remediate, and recover as quickly as possible from incidents ranging from ransomware to business email compromise to endpoint services and any other breach scenarios.

Our industry experts will:

-Collaborate with your team to fill in knowledge and skill gaps.
- Perform collection and analysis of volatile digital evidence.
- Analyze acquired artifacts to uncover initial and post-compromise activity.
- Provide network threat hunting services for incident response, recovery, and monitoring, or as a proactive measure to discover undetected threats.
- Offer strategic and tactical guidance on the development/tuning of incident response checklists and playbooks.
- Conduct tabletop exercises to gauge your current incident response readiness level.

We offer comprehensive support to confidently respond to and recover from a cyber breach, from initial detection to full operational restoration, plus resilience against future attacks

Incidents are complex. We bring clarity.

Digital forensic investigations, proactive threat hunting and cyber breach response

Digital forensic investigations, proactive threat hunting and cyber breach response

A quick and efficient response to a cyberattack can save you time and money in the long run. Ozian360 Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR) consulting services allow you to determine the source, cause, and extent of a security breach quickly, and to better prepare for the inevitable incident.

Our Experts Working for You

Our Experts Work for You

Gain access to our renowned Ozian360 DFIR team, who have extensive experience with the tools and techniques used by today's advanced attackers.

Get the Board on Board

Create a board of directors-ready structured and comprehensive approach to management that addresses threat readiness before, during and after an incident.

Litigate with Confidence

Ensure the protection of chain-of-custody for the evidence of a digital crime with our expertise in digital evidence handling.

Flexible Service Delivery

Get what you need, whether it is emergency response if you suspect you've been breached or proactive preparation to help you batten down the hatches for the inevitable event.

100% Australian based

All Ozian360 consultants and engineers are based in Australia with years of security experience. Your IT Infrastructure security is our top priority.

Expert Investigators

Our incident responders work with your team to deliver an investigation that is cognizant of industry regulations.

DFIR made simple

Experiencing a Security Breach?

If you believe your organization is the victim of a cyberattack, Ozian360 DFIR emergency responders can help

Rapid Response Expert Investigators Emergency Retainers

Ozain360 DFIR Team

If you require assistance from our digital forensics and incident response team, please complete the form below.

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