Public Cloud

Public cloud allows businesses of all sizes to take advantage of affordable, secure, agile infrastructure such as storage, applications or virtual machines

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Access resources whenever you need, from wherever you want

Public Cloud empowers your staff to work from anywhere by hosting critical applications and data in one central, low latency location

Today Public Cloud is at a scale where it is easily accessible and readily available for organisations of any size with almost no barriers to entry.

Modernise legacy infrastructure

Public cloud will allow you to swap out legacy, on-premise infrastructure for best in market technology without the need for capital investment. Once you have migrated to the cloud environment, you can meet your business' changing demands, all from a simple management console. Take advantage of Public Cloud's culture of continuous innovation and improvement but at the same time, only pay for what you use.

A flexible, scalable solution

One of the best features of Public Cloud is it’s flexibility, as it can be provisioned to meet a particular use case. This can be a failing server that needs to be quickly retired and restored elsewhere or the long-term retention of critical data. Public Cloud can also give remote workers reliable access to a business application. You can choose to use the cloud however you need to suit your business needs.

Cost-effective solutions

Our multi-vendor selection process means you get the best product at the best price when you need it.

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Unlimited Possibilities

Enable the right cloud with Ozain360's cloud consulting.

Protect your business with next generation security

Effective and efficient Cyber Security with extended monitoring to identify, report and respond to security threats.

Based in Australia

Curated insights and perspectives from our experts.

Curated insights and perspectives from our experts.

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An Ongoing Partnership that Evolves and Scales

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