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Protect your critical workloads with Ozain360 backup services.

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With our cloud backup solution, you can easily and securely backup, manage or recover your data from any device.


Secure global access to your files from anywhere at anytime

As your company grows so does the amount of data that you need to store. Having access to this data in real time is crucial to your business' operation. So we provide a tailored cloud backup solution to meet your needs. With our cloud, we feature the latest encryption methods to ensure your data is secure and safe at all times. Only allow certain individuals the rights to access your backups and information. Our cloud complies to the laws and regulations.

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What is backup and disaster recovery?
Backup strategies refer to the steps taken to save important data and business information. Disaster recovery is the process taken to recover your lost data. These strategies complement each other and allow you to run a business with the peace of mind that your vital business data will not be lost forever if there is a hardware failure, human error or ransomware attack.
Why do you need a backup and recovery plan?
With a dedicated backup and recovery plan, your business can minimise data loss and business disruption. Imagine the business costs of losing vital data? You probably shudder to think about it! Well, don’t leave it to chance. Ozian360 will put in place robust backup and recovery services.
How does backup and recovery work?
Once we identify the critical parts of your business that are managed on your computer systems, we look to secure the programs and essential data you need to continue operations if disaster strikes

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