Hybrid Cloud

A holistic approach to IT consumption, matching the right solution to the right job

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Meet regulations and work from the cloud with a hybrid cloud solution

With hybrid cloud, you get the same cloud benefits like elasticity, flexibility and pay-per-use, while meeting your business requirements
Hybrid cloud provides a holistic approach to IT consumption. The solution combines the benefits of public cloud with those of a private cloud.

If you work in an industry that requires businesses to store highly sensitive data on-premise to comply with regulations, our hybrid cloud solution is for you. Hybrid cloud allows your business to access the benefits of cloud whilst also meeting business regulations. Therefore, your business can store highly sensitive data in a way that complies with regulations, whilst less sensitive data can be stored in a cloud.

Alternatively, some companies aren’t suited to a total cloud environment due to workload types or internet access. Our specialists will work with you to determine what business functions need to sit where and provide a long-term hybrid cloud strategy for your business. Implementing a hybrid cloud will also allow your business to reduce costs, as there are less hardware and software purchases upfront. This reduces capital and operational costs, including warranties and update fees.

Cost-effective solutions

Our multi-vendor selection process means you get the best product at the best price when you need it.

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Unlimited Possibilities

Enable the right cloud with Ozain's cloud consulting.

Protect your business with next generation security

Effective and efficient Cyber Security with extended monitoring to identify, report and respond to security threats.

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Curated insights and perspectives from our experts.

Curated insights and perspectives from our experts.

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